Visit any antique shop or stately home and you will often find solid wood bedroom furniture. Something about solid wood furniture, whether the wood is rosewood, mahogany, oak, or even pine, seems to beckon back to a simpler time before inexpensive plastics and faux wood became popular. Solid wood furniture in the bedroom especially often gives a rugged, more natural look to home decor, and many times will last from generation to generation. There are many options for purchasing solid wood furniture, whether an individual lives in a grand mansion, a rustic cabin, or a cramped apartment. Whether purchasing brand a brand new cherry wood bedroom set for the master bedroom, finding some discount durable items at a thrift shop, or trying to maximize space in an economical apartment, finding affordable and durable solid wood furniture for your bedroom decor can be an interesting adventure in creativity and design. 

Finding solid bedroom furniture in oak, for instance, or any other durable wood, may seem reserved to high end furniture showcases, but there are many places that the discerning homeowner or renter can find durable solid wood bedroom furniture. Estate sales are often the best and most affordable place to find high quality furniture made of the finest materials. Finding a good estate sale may take a little bit of legwork, but it is well worth the efforts. There are listings for local estate sales online, or one can contact an auction house specializing in estate sales. Auctions are often an excellent place to find a good bargain on solid wood furniture for the boudoir. Many auctions have restricted access or require personal information, but others are open to the public. The newspaper can be a good option for finding local estate sales. Online auctions sites are available as well, but shipping and handling costs sometimes outweigh savings. For those on a tighter budget or individuals who rent an apartment and are not interested in permanent furnishings, finding bargains on solid oak furniture at thrift stores, online sites, and even friends or family may make more money sense. Visit any thrift shop and the buyer is certain to find quality solid wood furniture that only needs a little bit of refurbishing and paint to bring their bedroom to life. Neighborhood moving sales present many furniture treasures. Many times an entire bedroom can be furnished for a fraction of the cost of brand new furniture with a little bit of work and a visit to the local hardware store. 

Solid wood furniture gives the bedroom a natural feel. There are a variety of home decor options using wood furniture. For example, a sturdy oak bunk bed is an excellent and fun option for a children's bedroom. Add sturdy drawers, an easel, and maybe a miniature set of table and chairs, and the children can enjoy hours upon hours in their bedroom. In some parts of the country, artisans create intricate hand carved pieces of furniture. It is not unusual to create a rustic almost cabin feel by purchasing a handcrafted four post bed frame carved with a beautiful rustic scene, large bear heads and paws, or even deer in a forest. Other styles may mimic designs reminiscent of royalty and more medieval times, or perhaps the simplicity of Amish wood furniture best suits the overall bedroom decor. Combine rosewood and cherry wood in the bedroom with exotic designs from Japan or hand carved statues from Ethiopa and the bedroom becomes a veritable adventure into all parts of the world. With a few additions of exotic pieces like a handcrafted decorative screen from India, simple bedroom furniture takes on new life. Another popular style, often called Shabby Chic involves taking wood furniture and distressing the furniture to give it an antique look. For solid wood bedroom furniture finds that need a little bit of additional care, opting to accent and not hide blemishes and cracks may be an interesting option. Even brand new furniture can sometimes use an additional artistic touch here or there to help the drawers or bedroom set to truly pop out in the bedroom design. 

For the customer that enjoys solid wood bedroom furniture, there are many options available. He or she can purchase brand new furniture from the local furniture showcase, bid at an estate sale, or refurbish cast off wood furniture. There are options for every budget and every lifestyle, whether the customer is a homeowner or a renter. With a little bit of paint and a visit to the local hardware store, anyone can revamp a tired bedroom look with a little bit of creativity. Add exotic touches to bedroom design for a splash of adventure or bring in child sized items for a touch of fun in the children's room. Today there are so many incredible options for solid wood furniture.